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About Us

Midwest Truck Alignment is the Mildura’s most effective on-site wheel balancing and wheel alignment specialist. We have years of experience in the industry and our highly trained professionals utilize the latest machinery to make sure 100% setting accuracy for our valued clients.

Wheel Alignment Specialist

Why Midwest
Truck Alignment

Midwest Truck Alignment is locally known for its prompt, professional and reliable services in Mildura and surrounding areas.

5 unique selling points about your business

  • Trained and experienced staff
  • All Truck Power steering testing and analysis
  • Wheel Alignment Specialists
  • Vehicle suspension and steering specialists
  • Stocking Genuine TRW Steering parts and Reman Steering Boxes


Unlike the competition, our on-site, one-stop service does everything possible to trim unnecessary tyre related vibration and friction.

Our Approach

Our skilled professionals first rectify pressures and execute detailed tyre investigations. Then, with regularly calibrated and sophisticated laser technology, precisely align your steering axles as per manufacturers’ stipulations, and make sure your vehicle axles are square to the chassis.

Our extensive one-stop service involves turning on the rim, puncture repairs, wheel rotation or re-grooving if needed. All designed to make sure we execute everything to minimize friction and increase your tyre life.

If your fleet’s wheels are inappropriately aligned, the engine has to operate harder to exclusively overcome the added up rolling resistance. This has an extreme impact on both the fuel and tyres consumption, with maximized stress delivered to mechanical elements. Security is also conciliated if the driver has to regularly steer to keep a straight line.